Exclusive Preview: #50DUDES Model Photo-Book

We’re proving that print is not dead by working on another exciting new model photo-book with photographers and models across the globe, which we have called #50DUDES. The #50DUDES Model Photo-Book features a massive 50 male models in Yearbook’s trademark collegiate style. Inside, the #50DUDES show off their bodies as well as sportswear, fashion and underwear. #50DUDES is focussed solely on the model and the talent and includes a small Q&A with each dude. We’ve included here just a preview of a bunch of the guys that will be featured but keep an eye on our social media for more.

This book features lots of personalities and lots of skin. It’s in a cool square format, with 224 pages in print, a robust photo-book that will be lots of fun to look through over and over again. The digital edition is twice the size, over 400 pages where we share bonus shots of the guys. We’re offering 25% off all pre-orders using the code below:

ORDER HERE the softcover photo-book or digital edition and get 25% off with code “50DUDESOFF“.

Shipping Costs: FREE to UK & just £6.90 to EU, US, AUS, China, Canada & Worldwide

Print Edition Spec
224 pages
Perfect Bound Softback
Full colour
210mm x 210mm
Matt Art Paper
Velvet Laminated Cover

Digital Edition Spec
416 pages
Full colour
PDF & App Store

Adrian Chabada at Francina Models by Alejandro Ramirez

Dominic Albano by Henry Wu

Patrick Righi at Allure Brazil by Cheng Po Ou Yang

Jeremi Suliga at Trend Models by Alejandro Ramirez

Fabian Arnold at DT Model Mgmt by Lester Villarama

Wake Smith of Good Talent Mgmt by Blake Ballard

Wyatt Cushman by Gabe Ayala

Ivan Goldfinch at Q Model Mgmt by Harold Mindel

Hector de Pedro Sanchez & Karolis Inokaitis at Independent by Federico Lecce

Jakob Jokerst at Modelwerk by Richard Kranzin

Fabian Gamba Espejo at IMG Models by JoaquÌn Soler

Emmanuel Echavarria at MMRunway by Juan Bautizta

Bruno Podesta at DHR Models by Roger Vekstein

Thomas Perez Thurin at SUN Models by Pablo Ortiz Luna

Riley Core by Trent Pace

Aleksandr at SAMtheagency by Sam Scott Schiavo

Romano Diotti at Wonderwall Milano by Davide Musto

Gaspar at The Icon Mgmt by Vicente Mosto

Umberto Ciaramella at Wonderwall Milano by Davide Musto

Pablo Nuñez at The Icon Mgmt by Tino Vargas

Jarrod Vandergrifft at Boys NY by Gabe Ayala

Karim at Nevs Models by Eoin Greally

Carsten Gauslow by Joseph Lally

Kristóf at SAMtheagency by Ben Sabo

Tomi Lappi by Alejandro Ramirez

Ryan Vilchez by Gaston McGary

Gianfranco Hermoza by Vicente Mosto

Milo at SAMtheagency by Ben Sabo

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