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Eastern European models are often very intriguing and here we have another from Budapest, by the name of Bertalan, a 17-yr old and another talent scouted by Sam Scott Schiavo. We asked Sam to interview Bertalan and find out a bit more about him…

S: Bertalan, I know that you will be turning 18 soon and are an avid football fan but tell me some more about yourself!

B: Yes I will be 18 in April, my zodiac sign is Aries but I really am not a believer in star signs! I am from the Lake Balaton area of Hungary,so during the summer months I am often doing water sports there. I am fluent in English and am studying French and Italian.

S: Are you playing football on a team or are you just a spectator?

B: I was on school and local teams since I was a child, playing for about 7 years. I stopped playing on a team as it became difficult training with my heavy school load. Now I enjoy watching and cheering for my favourite team Manchester United.

S: And what kind of music do you like?

B: I listen to Electronic and Rock, my favorite band is ACDC! I also play the drums myself, I am fortunate that I am able to play the drums without disturbing the neighbours!

S: Favorite foods?

B: I love Italian cuisine and also Chinese

S: Pets?

B: I have both a dog and a cat!

S: Favorite and least favorite colors?

B: My favourites are black and white and I seem to choose this color scheme  in my way of dressing also! I dislike the colour yellow!

S: Do you have favorite clothing designers?

B: Yes! My favorites are Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry and I like the style of the TOPMAN shops!

S: We know that you were discovered by me on Instagram, what do you like about this new business?

B: Well besides the vanity aspect, I always liked to follow fashion, but I think the best advantage of the modeling business will be the opportunity to travel and use and improve my foreign language skills!

S: What are your favourite physical features of yourself?

B: I guess my eyebrows, lips and my ears!

S: Yes, great ears! 😉 And anything you are not happy with?

B: I am pleased with myself and I thank my parents for the good DNA and hope that I continue to grow taller!

S: Looking forward to shooting you for Yearbook Fanzine and The Boys from Budapest II and I am sure that others will also be happy to be seeing more of Bertalan !!!

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