Meet Tibor at SAMtheagency


Tibor is a 22 year old law student from Slovakia, represented by SAMtheagency in Budapest. He is an Aries and soon you will see him in a new editorial for Yearbook titled ‘Trash & Vaudeville’


Photography: Sam Scott Schiavo
Styling: Kolos Schilling
Fashion & Accessories: madanti, schilling kolos and vintage
model: Tibor at SAMtheagency


S-How did you start to model?
T– Less than a year ago, my classmate at the university who is a model, she persuaded me to go to an open casting and after this, I signed with my agency in Bratislava, Mix Model Mgmt. Soon after, you scouted me on Instagram and photographed me for an editorial and cover and things have been going very well.

S-What has been your favorite job so far?
T– My very first model experience was my favorite one so far. It was a fashion show for Lukas Kimlicka (a talented fashion designer in the Slovak and Czech Republic). I remember I had butterflies in my stomach before my first step onto the runway but it was a very special moment to me and I will never forget it.

S-What is most difficult mixing your work as a model and your university?
T- To be honest, I am a perfectionist. It means, the most difficult thing for me is to do both giving 100 %, my studies are important and time consuming so I am not always available for bookings or to travel.

S-What would be your dream job as a model?
T-My dream job would be a shooting with Miranda Kerr. It would be heaven, I adore her!

S-Do you have designer favorites?
T– Sure, I really like Zegna, Armani and Tom Ford but my absolute favorite is Bottega Veneta. It is classic and chic at the same time. Furthermore, in my future I will be a successful lawyer (I hope) and it would be amazing to wear Bottega Veneta in court.

S-What do you like most about the modeling business?
T– Maybe it sounds like cliche, but traveling is one of the best things about modeling. Traveling is not only relaxing for me but also it is a way to grow as a person, experiencing other cultures. It gives you new dimensions to every part of your life. And the second favorite thing is the story – every job is different – there is no time to be bored.

S-What are your favorite colors?
T– Every color is beautiful and I cannot choose one because I love colorful world 🙂
S- Thant was an amazing answer!

S-What music do you listen to?
T– In my playlist you can find all kinds of music. It depends on my mood what I actually listen to. For example, in these days I am again in love with the song called “Titanium”.

S-What do you like the most about your face? And the least?
T- Ummm … My face, there is nothing that I like the most or the least. I have learned to accept myself with my imperfections and it has made my life happier.

S-Do you have any particular hobbies? Sports that you like?
T– I am very active – I go to the gym regularly where I do bodybuilding along with jogging and spinning.

S- Thanks Tibor! We are all looking forward to seeing more of you in our editorial in the soon to be published Yearbook Fanzine! 

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