Robbie Beeser at NY Models by Nathan Best for Yearbook Annual 2016 with Interview


Robbie Beeser at New York Models featured in Yearbook Annual 2016 photographed by Nathan Best, who also interviewed him (you can read in full below!). History Shall Be Kind To Me was shot in Philadelphia on both film and digital. Yearbook Annual is a collaboration between Yearbook Fanzine x Client Magazine. Limited Collectors Edition print issues are still available or you can instantly download from the link below.

Photography Nathan Best
Model Robbie Beeser at New York Models

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Interview by Nathan Best

1. Welcome to Yearbook Robbie! Thanks for coming down to shoot with us today! How old are you and where are you from?
Thanks, It’s great to be here for Yearbook! I’m 21 and was born and raised in Mount Albert, Ontario.

2. Tell us the story of how you got into modeling and how long you have been doing it.
I’ve been modelling for 5 years now and was first scouted in Toronto at a Rhianna concert

3. What is your one true passion?
My true passion has always and will always be hockey

4. What is the most common misconception people make about you?
A common misconception about me is my preference in music. I’m a big country fan which tends to surprise most people

5. What is your heritage or ethnic background?
My background is Dutch and Irish

6. Describe for us your dream vacation?
My dream vacation would be staying at a villa on Bora Bora

7. Is modeling everything you thought it would be?
Modeling sways when it comes to expectation and reality. It’s interesting to see how big this industry really is but also deceiving on how so many amazing ads and shoots are really created.

8. What album should we all be listening to right now?
If I had to choose one album for everyone to listen to it would probably be chief by Eric Church. It’s a little older now but never goes bad.

9. What is your typical weekend like?
My typical weekend will often be spent hanging out with my girlfriend maybe headed down to the bar for some food and a drink, nothing too special.

10. How important is social media to you and your career?
Personally I’m not a huge social media person. I’d prefer a world without it, more face to face interaction. But at the same time it does make the world a much smaller place bringing all kinds of people together. And its impact and importance in the fashion industry is continuously growing.

11. Have you ever considered becoming an actor?
I have actually been asked about acting a few times. I’ve definitely thought about it before but to me it’s more of a potential opportunity as opposed to a dream or passion of mine.

12. What is the strangest thing you had to wear for a shoot?
The strangest thing I’ve worn in a shoot would be when I had my make up done with bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow. That was a one time deal for me.

13. Has modeling helped your dating life? And if yes or no, tell us why!
Modeling more than often has a negative effect on my relationships. Having to travel and be away for so long makes things tough on two people. In the end, forcing a long distance relationship is never ideal.

14. What physical feature do you get complimented on the most?
I get the most compliments on my jawline. Less so in real life but there are a few photos surfing around social media that people often comment about my jaw.

15. If we had to depend on you to cook for us, would we eat or would we starve?
I’m actually a fairly decent cook. I could make a decent meal for everyone. The only issue is, I don’t have too much variety of what I can make well haha.

16. What is your favorite quote or famous last words?
My favorite quote is the first one I remember from a public school assignment. “History shall be kind to me, for I intend to write it” Winston Churchill

17. Robbie, today’s shoot was so chill! Can’t wait to have you back in the future! Best of luck with your career and the moves you’re making! We are big fans!
It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Hopefully we get another opportunity to get some more great shots. Thank you guys for having me here!

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