Meet Merse: Interview & Pics by Sam Scott Schiavo


Merse is a new face from Budapest, signed to Elite Men Milan, New Madison Paris and mother agent SAMtheagency. He was recently photographed for our upcoming Yearbook Annual 2015 special edition (180 pages) so we asked photographer Sam Scott Schiavo to do a quick Q&A session with him during the shoot and preview some out-takes.

S – Merse tell me something about yourself!
M- I turned 18 this past summer, I am in my last year in high school. I started to study English as a child.

S- Growing up ginger?
M- It was not always easy. I was always different as I as the only one at school with the red hair and freckles, I was often teased… now it is fine! I enjoy and appreciate my uniqueness!

S- Hobbies?
M- I love to read, I choose a book by it’s cover! I do not have a ‘favorite’ genre of books but I never read a book on line or a tablet, always a printed book!

S- Favorite foods?
M- I am a vegetarian from a young age. It was just a natural selection, a choice I developed as I was growing up. I love Indian curries and the typical Hungarian specialty ‘Rántott Sajt’  (fried cheese)! And I hate mushrooms!

S Passions?
M- I love to travel, fortunately I have travel with my family or with school through most of Europe. On my ‘bucket list’ is the U.S.A., Japan and Iceland. Hopefully my modeling will bring me to these places!

S- Favorite fashion? Music?
M- I am recently into the last Versus collection, but also my mood and tastes often change! I listen to all kinds of music from classical to hip hop. Right now I really like Paloma Faith.

S- Things you hate?
M- I dislike close minded people and the provincial thinking!

Fashion credits: Morning Train, Schilling Kolos, BJORN BORG, madanti, & vintage pieces
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